With Both Feet

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Blogging
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I began this blog a couple of weeks ago, and since then many of my evenings have been spent staring blankly at my screen, my mind desperately scrabbling for a worthy first post. Nothing seems an appropriate topic with which to begin a blog; they all seem like the sort of thing I’d like to write once I have already introduced myself; and thus I find myself back at square one: how do I say hello to someone I have never met?

I don’t know you, and yet I want you to like what you read; what I’ve written. How do I introduce myself to someone of whom I know nothing; I don’t know why you’ve come to my blog, what you are looking for or hoping to find, so it’s hard to know what to say that will make you want to come back, and read more.

It’s very strange, to be writing without any parameters whatsoever. At school, we write whatever we think our teachers want to read. The same is true at work, except that we’re writing to please a boss or a client. If I were writing a book or a poem, I would know what style I wanted to use, and how to go about it; I might have genre-based guidelines or a target market in mind. But right now, I’m writing to someone who is, to me, a blank slate. I don’t know what you like, or what you want to read about. I don’t know whether you like broad strokes, or to know every infinitesimal detail about…whatever I’m writing about.

So, I’ve decided I’m simply going to jump in with both feet; say hello, and welcome, and see what else my fingers type in the process. I might tell you a little about me, or the things I’ll be writing about here.

I am writing a novel (and it still sounds odd to say it, even quietly to myself as I’m typing!) and I wanted to have a place to share the joys and frustrations of the whole process with, well, with whoever wants to read it! I’ll give you more details, of course, but that is a topic for another post!

So, there will be posts about my book, about writing in general, and other vaguely related what-nots. I am, in addition to being a writer (‘can I call myself that yet?’ she asked, nervously biting non-existent fingernails at the thought of ‘real’ writers taking umbrage at her audacity) a massive reader – I am the kind of girl who has read the ingredients on my toothpaste because it’s the only thing in the bathroom to read while I clean my teeth. I read every novel I can get my hands on, the back of the cereal packet and a hundred different blogs and online journals. So, I’m bound to come across articles, facts and quotes that I just can’t help sharing with you. My interests are diverse and sometimes a little odd, so you could stumble across anything here.

My only promise is that it will be interesting.

Well, I suppose this is it. I’ve written that first post now – all that remains is to press ‘publish’. My first post ended up being, mostly, about my first post. If Alanis were here, she’d call it ironic.

But then, she never really got the hang of irony, did she?

  1. Rayne Warne says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! It’s great to know and see other writers taking the first steps into their own journeys. I’ll be checking back here often!

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