On Giving Advice…

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Blogging
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I am no expert. I am not published. I have not even finished writing my first full-length novel yet. Because of this, I feel massively under qualified and rather self-conscious about the idea of trying to give advice to other would-be writers.

Then, earlier today, I had a revelation. I am halfway through my novel. A little while ago, I had not started at all; had not read the many, many articles I have now read; had not found my own rhythm and methods of madness.

So, if I have made this progress, then surely there are people who are sitting now where I was then. Thus, perhaps there might be one person who could find what I have to say helpful.

Maybe for that one person the right post might be the one which helps them kick it into gear; shows them a way to begin where before the blankness of their white page was terrifying; gives them that last little detail which ties the whole story that’s been rattling around in their head for months together.

My point is that it seems very weird to me to be giving advice. I don’t pretend to be an expert, or to know every answer. But, I am on my own journey, and if I can help someone else get started on theirs, that’ll be enough for me!


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