That’s right. Ignore them all. At least to begin with.*

The first stage of writing anything is the first draft. At this point, the most important thing is to GET IT DOWN. You don’t want to be staring at the screen wondering about whether this sentence is in the passive voice, or whether this scene should go here, or here. You have to get all of that wonderful, fantastic, beautiful idea down on paper before it slips between your fingers like butter.

(I don’t know why you’re holding butter in your fingers. It’s a weird thing to do.)

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If the first rule of write club is ‘read, read and read some more’ – and it is – then the second is write, write and keep writing.

If you dream of being ‘a writer’, whatever that may mean to you, you must practice your skills. Whether you spill your thoughts onto the page for your own eyes only, in order to achieve inner clarity, or your visions include publishing success of the Rowling or King standard, it is imperative that you set aside time to hone your abilities.

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There is one thing, above all others, that every writer, be they un-published or a bestseller, aged or young, wise or naïve, must do, and that is to read.

As a carpenter must study a table to learn of its construction, or a surgeon must study anatomy to learn of its twists and turns, so a writer must read to learn how to construct sentences; how to use grammar and punctuation to best effect; how to convey the deepest emotion via something so flimsy as paper; how to draw a reader into a world complete with sight, scent and sound using only black ink on the white page; how to write. Read the rest of this entry »

For every one of the hundreds of thousands of writers out there, there are a hundred ways in which they are different from one another.

Some of us write by day, others by night; some using a computer at a pristine desk, others pen and paper while perched in a tree, and still others an antique typewriter, set up in a cosy corner of the attic. Many require utter silence, while for others the quiet is a deafening distraction, and it simply must be blaring rock and roll. Some writers drink tea, others coffee, and others follow Ernest Hemingway’s example: write drunk, edit sober. *  Read the rest of this entry »

Oh, for more hours in the day!

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Just a very quick post to apologise for my sporadic posting… I am working really hard on my MS at the moment – days are currently reduced to tapping furiously away, eating once or twice, and passing out before the next day begins. I faithfully promise that once I finish this first draft, I will make sure to be better 🙂 

That’s a very wide promise. Allow me to amend it. Once I finish this first draft, I promise to be better at posting more regularly. Seemed rather a lot, to promise to be better at everything… 

Anyway, I’m off back to my horrible Word document, I’ll be back as soon as I can!

Well, I didn’t expect…

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…to be writing this post quite so quickly!

I recently posted to thank everyone who has followed my blog so far, at the 25 followers mark. I am very pleased to report that that figure has now doubled! (I know, double ‘that’ AND an exclamation mark in one sentence – I’m just too pleased to think straight)

So, simply, thank you. 


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I have reached 25 followers!

Actually, I’m at 27!

It may not seem like much, but to begin with, it is everything.

This is just a very quick post to say thank you to all those who have followed, liked or commented on my blog. You cannot know the size of the smile I get every time I see that little notification thingy go orange to tell me someone else has stopped by to let me know they’re reading.

So thank you, and please keep reading!

I recently read a post by ‘A Opinionated Man’ (and apparently, YES, he KNOWS it should be ‘an’) where he answered what for many of us must be a pressing question – ‘where does he find the TIME?’  Read the rest of this entry »

On Giving Advice…

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I am no expert. I am not published. I have not even finished writing my first full-length novel yet. Because of this, I feel massively under qualified and rather self-conscious about the idea of trying to give advice to other would-be writers.

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‘I’ve got the keys to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.’ Read the rest of this entry »